July 4, 2009

Gabba Gabba Hey

So it looks like Palin quit in order to get in front of an indictment for some serious corruption.

This is incredibly good news. Because you know what she is going to do.

She is going to go around the country raising money for her legal fund, pitching her book. And what will her theme be?

That she is the target of a vast media and establishment conspiracy, because they want to silence the only authentic voice on the national political scene. It is already obvious the media is out to get her. But now the establishment Republicans are joining in. They talk a good game, but in the end they are up there in Washington, living lives regular folks will never know, and making fools of regular folks.

Unlike those Washington Republicans, she actually walks the walk. Her daughters DO practice abstinence. When one of them gets pregnant, she proudly becomes an unwed teenage mother. She doesn't pretend she thinks the Universe is 6,000 years old. She believes it. She speaks in tongues. She doesn't really bother keeping the heathen foreigners straight, because America is good enough for her, and should be good enough for any real American.

She's the real deal. She's one of us, one of the knuckle dragging Know-Nothings. And that is why the media and political elites are out to get her.

The Republican establishment has to be terrified. They've run this scam out ever since Nixon, that they are the party of Real Americans, proudly ignorant (dittoheads!) racist jingoists who have a tenuous grasp of reality. Sarah Palin can make the case that she, not Haley Barbour, not, errrr, player to be named later, is just a big phony.

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Unknown said...

And she's right, Jimbo.

Because she was bullied and harried and harassed by not only the "liberal media" but by the rabid gotcha-getting leftwing blogosphere that *you* represent. And she will keep pounding on that theme and it will hugely resonate -- because it's true.

You're incapable of marvelling that a politician who is bullied and harassed by allegations of ethics breaches -- that are then largely proven unfounded, after months of harassment and legal fees -- is then accused of yet another ethical breach because she ...fund-raised for a legal defense war-chest. Obviously, this final ethics breach that apparently made her quit wouldn't have even occurred if she hadn't been hounded by the other false charges with the left's usual lawfare.

It's like your big gotcha on Obama not being in the pew -- so what? He was in the pew *the other days* when Rev. Wright said the same sort of things. It's a culture, and you know it.

BTW, news flash. Your candidate *won the election*. It's now been six months. It's ok to stop fearing and hating Palin now. You could focus on all those positive things that you claimed Obama represented for you.

Or do you wish to remain in this insolent and infantile political culture forever?

I wouldn't vote for Palin, I voted for Obama. But I totally condemn the awful bullying political culture that blogs and Youtube and twittering have created that even incite the hacking of Palin's mail account for more guffawing, a blood sport.