August 5, 2009


If I were an elected Democratic official holding a town hall on health care reform, this is the preamble I'd adopt.

So glad to have all you folks here. It shows what an important issue we are talking about today. Now because we are here to share views, I'd appreciate that everyone get a chance to say their piece without interruption.

That includes me. Please give me a chance to answer your questions without interruption.

Before we start, it will help me to know where you folks are coming from.

Who here currently has some form of health insurance? Please raise your hands.

Of those, who is covered under a plan provided by your employer?

And who covers themselves, pays for insurance out of pocket?

Next, who here gets their health care from the government, under Medicare, Medicaid, or the Veterans Administration?

Finally, is there anyone here eligible for Medicare or VA coverage who has opted for private insurance instead? Please raise your hands.