April 15, 2009

Just Shoot Me

John Ensign is a Senator. He is one of the United States' most important, most powerful politicians. We are in a deep economic crisis. And this is what he says, publicly on Twitter, about his view of how best to conduct fiscal policy:

The tax code is too complex. That's why I'm for throwing out the whole tax code.

Sure, it's too complex.  But this isn't a policy position.  It's not even a bumper sticker slogan. It's just nonsense.

And then he includes a link, and, what does it say?

Well, no, he doesn't want to throw out the "tax code."  No, he doesn't want to simplify it. He wants to subsidize, through the tax code, some stuff, and penalize some stuff.  He wants to further complicate the tax code with special treatment for some activities.

These people are completely incoherent. And they sit in the Senate, setting tax policy.

Oh, and he appreciated my retweet and comment.

@aweaton6388 @5M1L3 @jhilborn @jhilborn @ClaytonCalhoon @BattleBornPAC Thanks for the re-tweets and comments.

My comment? "Laughing, pointing."  (Transposition typo on "laughing" corrected here.)


xf said...

at least he's not orchestrating bank runs.

Jay Ackroyd (@jayackroyd) said...

True dat. Or babbling into his napkin, as per Bunning.

Anonymous said...

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