November 20, 2008

Answering JMM

It's a question worth considering in very real terms. How much would things be different if Barack Obama had been sworn in on November 5th?
It would be worse. Time is needed to make these transitions. We've made them earlier as transportation and communication technology has improved.

There's a tendency to focus on the shit that is happening now, is breathing hard, and is getting covered.  But it's a lot better to follow Obama's model, with a longer view.

It's funny. Since Ford, he's our JockEst president.  He enjoys team sports, and plays at least one well.  One thing that you do team sports, is a commitment to the common goal.  There's a lot of "Team of Rivals" dissin' out there. But every basketball team is  a team of rivals. Working together for a common cause.

Obama needs to build a team. They will, in the event, be unhappy with their minutes. But that's the way it goes. Speeding the transition would make it harder to define roles, and build the team.

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