September 12, 2008

It's Alive!!

I've said, for some time, that McCain can't win,  in part because he is such a terrible candidate, and would not be able to survive national scrutiny.  Without his "base" of journalists cleaning up his statements, he would have to face the cameras himself.  Incoherent, untelegenic, unable to stay on message, once the general election campaign started, he wouldn't have a chance.

That's how it looked until Steve Schmidt signed on.

 Schmidt's strategy has been to get the spotlight off  McCain, and put it somewhere, anywhere else.  Pick an incompetent, but female, energetic  and attractive,  unknown  as a running mate. Launch an ad campaign consiting almost entirely of lies attacking Obama.  Cut off press access to both candidates.  Run a media campaign, bully the teevee producers, shift the narrative away from any substances. 

And hope for a nation-wide blackout during the debates.

I still don't think it will be enough. They're on their 6th theme, and that theme is Obama's theme--change. Their advertising campaign is more of the same old politics, and eventually the chorus of "liar, liar" in the print media is going to penetrate the consciousness of Wolf's producers.

Still, they've jolted the corpse.  

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Todd and in Charge said...

That's what I've been saying! Add in the unsavory margins -- the vote caging, the tricks done to get people to register in the wrong precinct, the efforts to challenge voters whose homes have foreclosed, the felon issue here in FL -- I wonder whether that will be enough to push it the wrong way in states like MI, FL, OH, etc.